Shield Athena

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Athena was the goddess of wisdom and strategy and her sacred animal is the owl. Being so beautiful and brave, she was Zeus's beloved daughter and one of the most beloved goddesses of ancient Greeks.
Her mother was Metis, but she was born from the head of her father. According to a prophecy, the child of Metis would take Zeus’ power. As a result, he was forced to swallow her. Unfortunately, this caused him a headache. The king of the gods called Hephaestus to relief him from pain, by cutting his head in half. Finally, Athena popped out of his father’s head, so the prophecy was no longer valid.

The goddess is often depicted with a spear in her hands. Her name is linked to the city of Athens. In a duel with Poseidon she offered the citizens an olive tree. Poseidon hit the ground with his trident and a fountain sprang, but its water was salty and not very useful. The citizens chose Athena's gift and the city was named by the goddess’ name.